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Edward Scissorhands Horror Bishoujo Statue



Edward Scissorhands Horror Bishoujo Statue

This Horror Bishoujo version of Tim Burton’s 1990 dark classic is here in a Bishoujo style from Kotobukiya! Edward Scissorhands was played by American actor Johnny Depp. He was a gentle automaton with unfinished scissor hands created by a mad scientist. Now the character’s iconic appendages, color scheme, and style have been interpreted by Kotobukiya based on an original illustration by Shunya Yamashita that brings Edward to life as never before. The beautiful female version stands with all the awkwardness of the film character, her feet apart and knees spread, head cocked to one side, and scissor hands held up in front of her. “Edward” wears an incredibly detailed black gothic-style outfit with tall boots, stockings, a short dress with shredded skirt, long gloves, and a choker on her neck. The darkness of her clothing is offset by striking gold buckles and studs, and of course the silver blades of her scissors. Meanwhile, under her disheveled black hair this exceptional creature silently ponders the world with a cute expression on her Bishoujo-styled face. Edward Scissorhands stands 9 inches tall (1/7 scale) on a snow covered themed display base. Comes in collectors display box.