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Tiffany Bishoujo Statue – Child’s Play



Tiffany Bishoujo Statue – Child’s Play

Tiffany Bishoujo Statue is the devoted girlfriend of killer Charles Lee Ray. She was his love, before his soul transferred into the “Good Guy” doll that would become to be known as Chucky. Chucky is the serial killer from Chicago who’s known as “The Lakeside Strangler.” He electrocutes Tiffany in the bathtub and transfers her soul into a bridal doll. This Tiffany Bishoujo statue Looks better than ever in the new character interpretation by master illustrator Shunya Yamashita. Tiffany looks great with her bleach blonde hair with black roots, Chucky heart tattoo on her chest, black leather jacket, lacy dress, fishnet stockings and tall black combat boots. She’s made from PVC (Phthalate-free) ABS. This tiffany doll is 1/7 scale measuring about 9 inches tall. She comes with two cigarettes which she can hold in her hand. Display alone on her Bride of Chucky stand or alongside Chucky! Comes in collectors display box.