Scary Tales Beauty & The Beast – Living Dead Dolls

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Scary Tales Beauty & The Beast – Living Dead Dolls are a beautifully created design couple from Mezco Toys. Beauty is the example of innocence, pure in her deathly white visage. The Beast is the unspeakably gruesome creature shroud in black and striking fear into the hearts of even the bravest men. Can Beauty calm the Beast and will the Beast find redemption in true love? Or will the Beast's tragic curse bring it all to a horrifying end? Join us as Living Dead Dolls breathe life into the star-crossed pair with skillfully crafted period clothing. Beauty is adorned in a flowing white dress with inspirations from the Second French Empire. Beast is cloaked in black, tailored clothing of a somewhat refined gentleman. Together they evoke not only the eternal struggle of love but the balance of yin and yang. Both of these dolls feature realistic glass-look eyes and stand 10 inches tall with 5 points of articulation. As a testament to their undying affection, the pair comes entombed in a special double coffin collectors box that is perfect for display.