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Rapunzel & Pascal POP! Vinyl – Tangled



Rapunzel & Pascal POP! Vinyl – Tangled

Rapunzel & Pascal POP! vinyl is the magical golden long-haired princess from Disney’s 2010 animated film Tangled, and her best friend Pascal the chameleon. Rapunzel’s hair is 70 feet long and can heal and reverse the aging process if she sings her special Healing Spell. Kidnapped by Mother Gothel when she was a baby, Rapunzel discovers at age 18 why she was so wanted by the old woman. When Rapunzel’s fascination for the annual floating lanterns get the better of her attention, and with a little help from Flyn Rider, she discovers the truth and is unchained from her tower in the forest. This figure stands 3 3/4 inches tall and comes in a collector box.