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Gizmo 7" Ultimate Figure - Gremlins



Gizmo 7" Ultimate Figure - Gremlins

Gizmo 7" Ultimate Figure is the iconic character from the 1984 movie Gremlins. Any fans of the Gremlin’s movies know that the rules are to keep them out of the sunlight, don’t get them wet and never ever feed them after midnight. Follow these three simple rules and you’ll have a cute and friendly little Mogwai. NECA has created this fully poseable 7” scale Gizmo that is full of detail. Including ears and eyes (a small ball carefully concealed on the back of the head allows you to move the pupils in all directions to create different expressions). Plus, this Gizmo comes with four swappable faces so you can further customize his expression. This ultimate edition comes with Santa hat, bow, trumpet, pencil arrow, candy cane and rope. The packaging is deluxe too. With a front flap picture of Gizmo and display window revealing all of the items and figure inside.