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Coraline 10” Prop Replica Doll



Coraline 10” Prop Replica Doll

Coraline 10” Prop Replica Doll is the audacious little girl in the 2009 American stop-motion dark fantasy film. The movie depicts an adventurous girl who finds an perfect parallel world behind a secret door in her new house. Coraline is unaware that the alternate world contains a dark and sinister secret. Bring home the weird and crazy world of Coraline with this detailed prop replica of Coraline’s doll. It lovingly reproduces the doll as seen in the film, from the blue yarn hai and button eyes to the removable yellow raincoat. The doll has a hidden wire armature so you can poser her arms, legs and even her raincoat. This doll is 10” tall. A great collectable for fans of all ages!