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Annabelle Wraithia - Teddy Scares



Annabelle Wraithia - Teddy Scares

Annabelle Wraithia has no happily ever after in this tragic tale. Separated from her groom on their wedding day and thoughtlessly discarded shortly afterwards, her body was destroyed in the incinerator. Unable to find peace in the underworld she wanders the trash dump hoping to be reunited with her other half. The Teddy Scares were once motionless teddy bears. When their owners outgrew them they were rejected and tossed into the garbage dump, and this is where they've made their home. Annabelle Wraithia is approximately 12" and wears a white wedding gown and veil. She has a removable head, silver chains and she carries a rotten slice of worm-infested wedding cake. She comes sealed in a collectors box with front display window.