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Bat Wings Skull



Bat Wings Skull

This Bat Wings Skull is absolutely exceptional with its carved details and bat framed skull. This is a daunting skull that is sure to draw much attention in any home or office space. The bat is a mammal of the order Chiroptera, which means they are the only mammal that are capable of true flight. The name Chiroptera is influenced by the hand-like wings of the bat.  Their wings are formed from four elongated “fingers” covered by a cutaneous membrane. This Bat Wings skull is a guaranteed fit into many different home décor themes. This skull could also make a great gift for anyone that loves and collects bats and or skulls. It’s made of a cast resin, and its carved details are hand-painted in realistic skull detail.

 Approx. Size: 5” x 5” x 5 1/4”