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Jason Voorhees ARTFX 1/6 Scale Statue – Friday The 13th

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Jason Voorhees ARTFX 1/6 Scale Statue – Friday The 13th

Jason Voorhees ARTFX 1/6 Scale Statue is the iconic character from the 1982 horror movie Friday The 13th Part III. This masked murderer includes the trademark hockey mask that didn’t appear to the series until this part, but is the most recognizable part of this icon. An unstoppable engine of destruction on the rampage, Jason Voorhees prowls straight ahead and you better watch out anyone who gets in his way! The slasher is wearing disheveled clothing including black shoes, a black shirt, and blue pants. He has a bloody cut wound on his hand. Jason leans forward as he walks, his long arms hanging low at his sides. The horror icon has a grossly distended and sagging neck, the exposed part of his head is bald with tiny malformed ears. Of course, his face is covered by that terrifying hockey mask. The mask is white with red accents that is held on with gray straps and silver fasteners. Eyes can be seen peering out of the holes of the mask, which heightens the creepy factor. Finally, with interchangeable parts you can display your Jason with your preferred weapon of death, either a machete or hatchet! Sculpted by Naoya Muto, Friday the 13th Part III Jason Voorhees stands at 11 inches tall (1/6 scale) on a detailed terrain display base, and comes in a collectors box. The Camp Crystal Lake slasher is perfect for fans of the horror franchise!