Camp Crystal Lake Accessory Set – Friday The 13th

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Camp Crystal Lake Accessory Set is from the iconic horror movies Friday the 13th. It can be used to recreate some of the most iconic scenes from the films. This deluxe accessory set is sized perfectly for the NECA 7" ultimate figures, just add your figure to complete almost any scene from the movies. You can use your ultimate part III figure to have Jason Voorhees standing on the dock with his spear gun for his very first hockey mask kill. The Camp Crystal Lake sign can be used with almost any of the movies for a great diorama scene. The chain and boulder make an awesome scene at the end of part VI - Jason Lives, when Tommy put the chain around his neck and uses the boulder to anchor Jason back to the bottom of lake, sending him home. At the beginning of part VII, The New Blood, Jason Voorhees is still chained at the bottom of the lake until he is released by Tina's telekinetic powers when she tries to revive her dead father that drowned in the lake when she was younger. There are so many ways to recreate and display your set, it will for sure make a conversation piece wherever you display it. 

The set comes in a closed box packaging and includes:

  • A Camp Crystal Lake sign (over 7” across)
  • Dock base (7” long and 11” tall)
  • A rock and sign base with chain to attach one of your Neca 7” Ultimate Jason figures, recreating the “floating” at the bottom of the lake scene.


 *This set does not include the figure.