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Chucky - Good Guys 6" Vinyl Figure

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Chucky - Good Guys 6" Vinyl Figure

Chucky - Good Guys 6" Vinyl Figure is the homicidal orange-haired doll that holds the evil spirit of Charles Lee Ray, the serial killer from Chicago who’s known as “The Lakeside Strangler.” While on the run from the law one night he is gunned down. It is then that he transforms his very soul into a Good Guy Doll, by way of magic and voodoo spells. This Chucky figure captures the very look of Chucky from his blue jean coveralls, striped long sleeve shirt, his bright orange hair and even his unique soles of his shoes. This particular doll is how Chucky looked fresh out of his Good Guys Doll box. He also caries his trusty but dangerous knife. Chucky features 3 points of articulation and comes with his butcher knife. Measuring 6 inches tall.