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Predator 7” Ultimate – Jungle Hunter



Predator 7 Ultimate – Jungle Hunter

Predator 7” Ultimate – Jungle Hunter is the creature in the 1987 American action film Predator. The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as Major Dutch Schaeffer, the leader of an elite Special Forces Ops team, who are on a mission in the jungle in Central America to rescue potential survivors of a helicopter that went down. As the team discovers they have been sent under false pretenses, they quickly learn that an extra-terrestrial fighter known as Predator is hunting them. This NECA Ultimate Hunter has received the “Ultimate” treatment, including articulation in the swiveling biceps, elbows (double elbow joints) and torso, plus opening gauntlet. It comes with interchangeable heads and hands, plus skull and spine, mask, human skull, removable backpack and cannon blast effect.  

This figure stands 7 inches tall just and comes in a deluxe collector window box packaging with opening flap.