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New String Doll Gang Characters

Posted on January 08 2015


New String Doll Gang Characters

New String Doll Gang characters have been added for sale at Many of these new keychains are creepy, but yet still adorable. They all are just like the other String Doll Gang that come with a lobster claw keyring and a fabric tag that tells you of their name and special powers that will put a smile on your face anytime!

The new characters names are:

Skull Gnome, Skygor, Kitix, Charlie Ribs, Cyclops, The Headless Horseman, Crystal, Radar, The Brain, E-Moe, Scratch, Little Frank, The Grim Reaper, Two-Faced, Witchy Woman, Scarface, Punkin', El Diablo, Monster Man and Sid.

All keychains are $10 each and will be shipped within 3 business days.


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