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American Horror Story POP!

Posted on January 30 2015

American Horror Story POP!American Horror Story POP!

American Horror Story POP! figures are now available at JP's Bears. Collect all of your favorite  characters from the American Horror Story Series 3 - Coven.

Fiona Good - Supreme Witch of the Salem Descendants

Cordelia Foxx - Headmistress of Miss Robachaux’s Academy from Exceptional Young Ladies

Marie Leveau - Voodoo Queen in New Orleans

Mist Day - Backwoods witch from the swamplands of Louisiana

Myrtle Snow - Head of the Witches Council

Papa Legba - Loa, spirit of Haitian Voodoo and the gatekeeper of the spirit world


Tate Langdon & Rubber Man from the original series.

$9.99 Each + shipping/processing


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